Terms of service

General use of the website

  1. Campinmygarden.com exists as an advertising portal for garden campsites ("the campsite"). The campsite owner ("the owner") is fully responsible for the running of their own campsite, including dealings with any legal or planning matters that may arise as a direct result of the use of their garden as a campsite. Campinmygarden.com will take no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to any person, property or livestock as a result of any activity booked through this website.
  2. Members of the Campinmygarden.com community agree to be respectful and courteous to all other members at all times. Any member who is abusive or aggressive will be removed as a member.
  3. Campinmygarden.com reserve the right to edit or remove any information added to the website by any of its members.
  4. Campinmygarden.com does its best to ensure that all information on the website is accurate and non-offensive. Campinmygarden.com does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy or content of any of the websites it is linked to.
  5. Members of the Campinmygarden.com community will be honest about their identity and personal details and will not disguise themselves with false information, with the exception of the username.
  6. Campinmygarden.com reserves the right to introduce fees for advertising a garden or booking a garden. Campinmygarden.com will be open and transparent regarding fees and no money will be taken from any of its members' accounts without having first gained their approval.

General booking terms

  1. One member of the camping party ("the lead camper"), who made the initial booking via Campinmygarden.com and has provided their name and contact details during the booking process, is to be responsible for the conduct of their camping party and for ensuring that all members of the party comply with these terms and conditions during the entirety of their stay.
  2. The owner will endeavour not to allow camping on any of their sites for more than 28 days in any one year and, in accordance with planning law, will ensure that the use of the garden will remain a purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house.
  3. The lead camper will be open and honest about the details of their camping party.
  4. The owner will be open and honest about the details of their garden, the facilities that they offer and what they expect of the camping party during their stay.


  1. The owner must be the freehold owner or have consent from his Landlord to offer the garden as a campsite. A communal garden cannot be offered unless all the residents have consented to offer it as a campsite.
  2. The owner will take reasonable steps to satisfy himself with regards to planning matters or legal matters and will seek his own independent legal advice if in doubt.
  3. The lead camper will agree to move from and avoid any site to which the local authority objects. Under these circumstances, the owner agrees to reimburse the lead camper for any money already exchanged in direct relation to the campsite.
  4. The lead camper will take reasonable steps to ensure that the siting of tents does not unduly interfere with activities of the owner or local residents, their privacy or the enjoyment of their property, and that the siting of tents does not interfere with the enjoyment by others of the landscape, natural beauty or nature conservation value of the area, particularly in areas designated for their landscape or wildlife qualities.


  1. The owner and local residents should be able to carry on their normal activities when camping is in progress. The lead camper will take reasonable steps to minimise disturbance to such activities, and will investigate and deal with the cause of any complaint. Campinmygarden.com advises that the owner should give neighbours notice of future camping activities, out of courtesy.
  2. The lead camper will ensure that no people, other than the members of the camping party who have booked through Campinmygarden.com, will visit the garden except with express permission of the owner.
  3. The leading camper will ensure that care is taken by the camping party not to damage the campsite and the surrounding locality, including (but not limited to) damage or loss to buildings, grounds, fences, equipment or property belonging to the owner, or trees, plants and livestock living on or close to the campsite.
  4. Care should be taken by the owner not to damage the property or equipment belonging to members of the camping party.
  5. Dogs belonging to any member of the camping party will only be allowed under express permission of the owner and at all times must be kept under close control. They will not be allowed to run loose on the site without permission of the owner, neither shall they cause disturbance to the owner, local residents or animals belonging to the owner. They will be exercised away from tents and parts of the site used for communal activities, and any mess will be picked up immediately. The owner will take no responsibility for loss or injury to any dog or for any third party damage caused by the dog.
  6. The owner will identify whether they have a suitable open space available for activities that might otherwise damage or disturb their own property or privacy, or that of local residents.
  7. Noise will be kept to a minimum for the comfort of other campers, as well as that of the owner and local residents. The owner may specify a time after which they expect quiet at their own discretion, which the lead camper must endeavour to uphold within their camping party.

Safety and spacing

  1. If there is access to the garden for vehicles, their speed will be restricted to 5mph at all times.
  2. Tents will be well spaced and sited so that they do not restrict access to and from the campsite or between individual tents, in case of emergencies.

Provision of food

  1. Any owner providing food will be aware of the Food Safety Act 1990 and the requirement to comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995, and any succeeding legislation related to food safety.

Fire precautions

  1. Open fires and barbecues will not be allowed except with the express permission from the owner. Where permission is given for open fires or barbecues, they will be sited on open ground, away from the dwelling house, tents, awnings and any other structures, the lead camper taking all necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Chemical toilets and waste water disposal

  1. The lead camper will ensure that the contents of chemical toilets and waste water are disposed of carefully and will take full account of the need to safeguard water supplies and prevent the pollution of rivers and streams.
  2. On-site disposal of the contents of chemical toilets and waste water will be in accordance with arrangements agreed with the owner. If there is any doubt about the disposal of waste, the owner will contact the relevant local authority for advice.

Refuse disposal

  1. The lead camper will take steps to ensure that refuse is either taken home or disposed of in accordance with on-site arrangements and that the site is clear of litter at the end of any period of camping.

Vacating the site

  1. At the end of the agreed camping period, it is the responsibility of the lead camper to ensure that all members of the camping party have vacated the campsite at or before the time that has been agreed with the owner and that all outstanding money due to the owner has been paid.
  2. The lead camper will ensure that the campsite is left in the same condition as it was found. Campinmygarden.com advises that both the owner and the lead camper take photographic evidence of the state of the campsite upon commencement of the camping period.
  3. The lead camper will ensure that any access keys or other items belonging to the owner are returned in the same condition as they were offered at the commencement of the camping period.


  1. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that their property and any related liability is adequately insured for this purpose. Campinmygarden.com advises that you discuss your proposals with your insurers before offering your garden as a campsite or any additional services related to the stay.


  1. Should either party wish to cancel a booking they must provide a minimum of 10 days notice before the commencement of the camping period to the other party.

* Terms of service last updated on 10 July 2015.