Sicily. Sunshine, warm walls, warm earth and warm welcomes

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Olive grove 2

The little team at CimG HQ are ridiculously excited about our impending summer. Forgive us for sounding fed up, but here in the UK there was absolutely nothing funny about our recent winter. But at LAST, we’re halfway through May, the sun’s out, the ground is dry and even softies like me could dig out our sleeping bags this weekend. My problem is the massive choice available. More than 800 quiet and exclusive campsites with welcoming and helpful owners await the garden camper all over the globe. The only continent not on our map is Antarctica.

I get the lovely job of seeing the brand new campsite entries as they are submitted to our website - and they are currently coming in every day. I love some of the descriptions, and we all really appreciate the good pictures. Today’s winning description had me reaching for the Grillo and a dish of juicy olives because it was sent in from Sicily and it said:

‘Waking up in the peace of the olive trees, to touch little stone walls a hundred years old, to hear the song of hoopoe, lie down in the shade of a carob tree 10 meters wide, to smell lemon and jasmine: welcome you in this place. 
From here you can go to the archaeological park of Selinunte, to know the life of near fishing village, sunning on its long beach. 
And when you go back, you can to roast the fish you bought and tasting of our black bread and our extra virgin olive oil.’

Damn near perfect, at 7 euro per night, and only a maximum of 10 pitches - so today I want to go to Sicily where we now have 5 wonderful garden campsites. All of them have lovely views, sun-baked earth, warm stone walls, romantic descriptions and acres of olives.

I also loaded a garden in Denmark, and two in Germany (one on the Baltic and another beautifully equipped for small children) and they also look damn near perfect…. I guess this is just a great reminder of the huge range and individuality of the garden camping experience. Where will you choose?


Clare, 15/05/2014