I’m loving the sharing, borrowing and mending revolution!

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Until last week, I didn’t know that there was a name for businesses such as Campinmygarden.com, whose main purpose is to facilitate the sharing and borrowing of space, items and services which are not being fully utilised.  The name is collaborative consumption.  I also didn’t realise quite how many businesses are emerging in this field until I attended an inspiring conference hosted by NESTA in London yesterday.  If you want to read more about this subject I would strongly recommend taking a look at http://collaborativeconsumption.com/

It is so uplifting to see something so positive coming out of the negative financial depression that has so evidently affected the majority of households.  It appears that it is has really focussed our minds to find ways to live life with less waste, making the most of our assets and appreciating the simple things in life once again.

I personally think it is a very healthy and rewarding way to live.  I now gain satisfaction from utilising everything I have and actually enjoy looking after and repairing rather than replacing things in the way I used to in the not so distant past.

Below are my top picks of other collaborative consumer based websites that you might enjoy;

Parkatmyhouse.com – A great website allowing you to rent your drive space. http://www.parkatmyhouse.com/

BlaBlacar.com – If you commute regularly or are planning a one off journey you can share the cost of fuel and reduce carbon emissions.  http://www.blablacar.com/

Sharemystorage.com – If you have any spare space in a garage, a shed, a spare room, a loft etc you could get an income for renting it out as a storage facility.  http://sharemystorage.com/

Swishing.co.uk – why not swap clothes with other members of this online fashion community if you’re bored of your old wardrobe?  http://swishing.co.uk/

Mytaskangel.co.uk – A brilliant website that matches your tasks to a service provider in your local area who can carry out that task for you.  It’s completely free to post a task and the service providers will reply with bids. The modern day bob-a-job. http://mytaskangel.co.uk/

Foodhost.co.uk - Want to live out your very own “come down with me” experience?  You can now with a website that is encouraging local communities to get to know their neighbours through dinner parties. http://foodhost.co.uk/

Rentmyitems.co.uk – Basically you can rent out or borrow anything and everything from other members of your local community through this website from a lawnmower to a bike.  http://www.rentmyitems.com/

Landshare.net. is a community based website matching people with some spare land to people who would like a space to grow their own produce. The community is now 55,000 strong and growing. http://www.landshare.net/

There is also an excellent series on channel 4 at the moment called SuperScrimpers which discusses other ways to live efficiently in a “waste not want not” manner;  http://www.channel4.com/programmes/superscrimpers-waste-not-want-not. It was very exciting to see Campinmygarden.com mentioned on the programme last Wednesday as a way to make some additional money from your home.


Vicky (Founder of Campinmygarden.com)

17th March 2012