How to do Glastonbury if you don't do crowds...

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Yes – it’s an unforgettable experience, and for thousands of people it’s an absolutely essential part of the Festival. A sort of rite, a test of character - sleeping 3 feet from a snoring total stranger, getting squashed by a cheery drunk falling into your tent.   OK – so you, too, can drink yourself into a coma to block it all out, run the risk of not making it to the lovely festival loos in time, only packing belongings which you don’t value and greeting the day’s music programme with a low groan and a dose of paracetamol.  

OR  (....breathe....) you could consider three unique camping havens within walking distance of the festival site. Pitch on flat green lawns in a bubble of peace and wholesomeness. Because we have three micro-campsites within 3 miles of the Festival.

Less than a mile from the gate, you can pitch up on Gazzer’s lawn for £20.  Just round the corner Glastomadeasy’s Place offers a green open space with wonderful plumbing and lovely loos just 2 miles from the site also for £10 a night. Or stay at Pilton Hill’s place just 1.8 miles away – just stroll or cycle in from your £10 camping spot with glorious views of Glastonbury Tor. This campsite is a special pop-up, open only for the week of the festival. Less than 10 miles away is FestivalChillOut’s Place where you can camp in a pretty Somerset Cider Orchard for just £6 a night.

With another five garden campsites within 10 miles offers a great alternative. Matching interesting travellers with interesting hosts and unique locations, come and enjoy a beautiful part of the UK West Country, within easy reach of Wells, Bath, and the Somerset coast. 

Clare 03/06/14