"Get stuff, meet your neighbours, be part of something!"

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Horay for the internet!  Once again i'm so pleased to have discovered yet another inspiring example of the growing movement that has become coined as 'collaborative consumption'.  

Living in a long terrace of houses, each with a teeny tiny strip of garden, it has always bugged me that it seems necessary to give shed-space to a lawnmower, in the full knowledge that everyone in the street (with the exeption of those who had paved over the lawn) was also storing the same bits of equipment, used in most cases no more than 5 times each year.  What a waste of space and money!

So I was delighted this week to come across www.streetbank.co.uk -  a movement of people who share with their neighbours.   Basically their website facilitates neighbourhood sharing -  people list skills or items that they are willing to lend or give away, and can view the lists that have been posted by other people within 1 mile. 

Join up if you'd like to "Build community, save cash and help the planet" - all very much in the spirit of Campinmygarden.com!!!






"Collect moments, not things"