About Campinmygarden.com

"I hope that one day there will be thousands of private gardens being offered as temporary campsites across the world. Everyone will welcome and be welcomed into our gardens with open arms and hearts, sharing in one passion for the universal adventure that is life."

Victoria Webbon, April 2011

Campinmygarden.com is the only online garden camping community in the world. It was launched in April 2011 with an open invitation to all. As a member of this community you can advertise your own garden as a campsite and/or book accommodation in other community members' gardens.

About the gardens…

You will always be guaranteed a unique experience with Campinmygarden.com. The gardens on offer vary in standard from "bamping" (basic camping) to "glamping" (glamourous camping), so it is advisable to check what facilities are available at each garden campsite and ask the owner if you are unsure of anything.

All of our garden owners have vowed to be open and transparent about what they are offering, including their pricing and the facilities available. The rating and reviewing system also provides feedback on previous members' camping experiences and can provide a useful insight.

All gardens are offered on a temporary basis, to reflect the fact that Campinmygarden.com promotes short term garden camping breaks. Although in the majority of cases there are no legal restrictions as to the use / number of days a garden can be used as a campsite (providing some of the facilities in the house are used by the campers), Campinmygarden.com suggests that gardens are let for up to 28 days a year or for a maximum of up to 2 weeks per stay. Paddocks and other land outside the curtilage of the dwelling house can generally be used for up to 28 days a year without the need to provide any facilities.

However, all land has unique characteristics and there are exceptions to the general rule. Anyone not expert in planning laws or legal requirements should take their own legal advice if they have any concerns.

* Contacting your council is usually unwise: Council's are not generally interested, except when being paid, yet they will exclude liability for anything said even if in error and will in fact be looking to find fault and enforce against anything it might find on site, which may have no connection with the matter of your query e.g. argue some other feature is unlawful like an extension, outbuilding, decking or boundary feature.

It is free to advertise your garden!

About our community…

We are the Campinmygarden.com community. Each member has a profile page so you can learn more about others within the community, see what gardens they have visited recently and read their reviews.

It is important that we are courteous to garden owners, their neighbours and other members of the Campinmygarden.com community, and that we respect the terms and conditions of using the website and the terms of service of booking.

The better a reputation we can create as a community, the more people will be willing to allow us to use their gardens as temporary campsites.

About the Campinmygarden.com team…

Campinmygarden.com is the brainchild of Victoria Webbon, a slightly poor but happy individual who believes that life should be lived to the full, whatever the circumstances. It was this philosophy that inspired Victoria to create a community that would encourage us all to make more of life, by sharing our gardens with one another.

Because Victoria is a dreamer, she enlisted the help of Aaron Russell (amazing website designer) to make the idea a reality.

We want to ensure that you enjoy being a member of the Campinmygarden.com community. If you have any queries, suggestions or complaints then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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